I had a hard time getting it in gear this morning. I haven’t been sleeping well for the past couple of weeks, now I have trouble waking up. Apparently, I sleep muted my alarms this morning which made me later for my workout. Not to fear, I went to the gym anyway.
You know that saying “you don’t know what you have ‘til it’s gone”? Yeah… Today was the day when I wished I had a person spotting me.  Turns out that I have beastly legs and in order for them to burn out, I have to squat heavy, heavy weight. It scares me. I am afraid of dropping it. After I went through my leg workout (didn’t stop, lifted through the fear, you know the drill) I realized that I could still run around, squat a bunch, and probably go out and run a mile. Plus, I somehow managed to finish faster then I planned (that one is still beyond me. I know I didn’t skip anything). So, instead of giving up and going home, I decided that I am going to do additional 100 25lb squats and hopefully the sheer quantity will get my legs to failure. It didn’t. I will rethink this workout tomorrow morning after I determine how sore I am. If I am not, I got a killer stadium routine that will guarantee to make me run faster and set my quads on fire (fingers crossed).
In the land of rock hard abs today we also reached a wall. I spent a few reps doing weighted incline sit ups with a medicine ball, then captains chair knee raises, then straight leg raises. My arms gave out before my abs did. I had that happen before after heavy lifting and normally I would do something that does not include the use of my arms. Today, however, I was completely blank and could come up with anything.  I need to make sure that I write a backup program to compensate for unexpected body part failure.


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