I Hate Pollen

Today is day two of my Cleanse and day two of stepping up my training. All I can tell you is it is day two and I am already exhausted. Which is why I have desired to drastically alter my sleeping schedule. Somehow I am more willing to sacrifice my social life than the quality of my workouts. But enough of the whining, let me tell you what I did today. 
I was pretty brave this afternoon and gone outside (I know, why would anyone do that with all this gross, yellow stuff around?). Within minutes I could feel my skin getting covered with pollen, when sweat was added into the equation, I began to itch like crazy. However, regardless of the pain, the watering eyes, the itch, the burning throat, I made it through my hill drills today. 
After I am done writing this short entry, I am going to go get a filter mask from CVS and wear it when I run. I hear they are incredible for running in this awful pollen. Yes, they are ugly, yes, you look like you are escaping a plague of some type, but you know what? When I train, I am not training to make a fashion statement, I am training to feel good and look good after I take a shower and eat. I never understood girls that end up primping in the mirror during their workout. Don’t they understand that unless their face is melting off, they are doing it wrong?

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