What’s up With Things Being on Fire This Past Week?

As part of my cardio workout today I got to play fireman! I got to the gym and as I was walking out of my car, I have noticed that there was something shiny to my left. Of course, I turned to look! I couldn’t believe what I saw. Across the parking lot from my gym, right next to another building was a giant tree pot on fire. Without thinking too much about it, I went to the gym, grabbed a trashcan and filled it with water, marched over to the tree pot and put it out.  I am thinking someone put a cigarette in it. 
As I got on the elliptical, cued up my Netflix and settled in for an uncomfortable 45 minutes of watching Phsyc, I realized that there were three fire trucks, and four police cars in front of the building all looking for a fire. Good job, guys, thanks for showing up, but I got it. My tiny trashcan and I put the fire out. I am glad no one showed up at the gym looking for a person in purple with a trashcan full of water.  I am afraid that I would have been restrained and subjected to medical evaluation, due to the fact that I love going “all out” on the most boring cardio machine of them all. 
That is all for now. Tomorrow is a full body day and I have to go and figure out how creative I can get with my routine.  

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