My Brain Keeps Playing Tricks On Me

Right after the cleanse, I noticed an increase in anxiety and general feeling of dissatisfaction. At first, I attributed this to the lack of running due to shin splints and inability to do some upper body work due to an inflamed case of tennis elbow.  After further examination of my daily routine, I came to the conclusion that although injuries play a big part in my disheartened feeling, what makes an even bigger impact is diet. I can’t say that I slipped. I still eat clean (except for last Saturday. I paid dearly for that one), I just don’t eat enough. 
I realized that as I switched from running to swimming and elliptical for my off day cardio and eliminated certain exercises from  my upper body routine, I have been feeling less hungry. Naturally, I started eating less. What I didn’t take into account was that I am still burning about the same amount of calories. Basically, my feeling of “satisfaction” had to be completely mental. 
Today, I made a concentrated effort to get my food intake back on track. It would be traumatizing to wake up one morning and realize that I began to lose all this glorious muscle.


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