"No Sweat" Workouts = Unicorns

During the past few days I was sick, couldn’t workout, so instead  I spent my time roaming around the internet looking for some fun content ideas. What I kept stumbling into were workout routines that were titled as “easy”, “fast”, “no sweat” etc. I also saw a lot of “diet plans” and supplements that claimed: “eat whatever you want, as much as you want and still loose weight, just take this magic pill, drink this magic shake, shake this magic powder” on your food and you are on your way to weight loss. I think my favorite things to find were the training machines, though. “Get this machine and just after 10 minutes a day you will loose a bazillion pounds!” one proclaimed, another stated that they found a revolutionary, new way to a “fast and easy way to get abs”…  Seriously?

Here we go, people, I’ll help you out right now and tell you this: there is no easy, no sweat, fast, and effortless way to loose fat. There are no magic pills, no “easy abs now” kind of things. If you want a body, stop looking for a hack. Put down the cookies, fried chicken, and coke, put on your big person pants and get your butt to the gym!

Over weight? Have injuries? Other limitations? No time?  Ok. So? None of us have time. Some of us have serious limitations. I have seen many new moms in the gym with their baby in the car seat next to them pumping some serious iron. I have a friend in a wheel chair who can do more pullups than most bodybuilders, I know many seniors who still run (or at least try to) daily. One of the people I admire greatly returned back to her competition physique 7 months after having twins. Another one of my great friends who has significant back issues is an amazing crossfitter.  We are all slammed with family, work,  and school. Some of us have long standing, chronic problems, we still get up and go. Every. Time. Behind this drive is a determination to succeed.You can’t just show up, you have to commit. I am telling you this as a person that “showed up” for years.

One day, I reached a breaking point and realized that nothing that is worth having is going to be easy. There are no easy ways to achieve physical and spiritual development. You have to relentlessly work at it every day, even when you don’t want to, even when it gets hard, even when it seems that the world is against you and will do anything to derail you. There are no “magic”, quick ways to get you there. So, stop spending money on “no sweat” workouts and  10 minute ab machines and commit, truly commit to commitment itself. You will have the body and life you want. That is the only way.

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