Ego Boost: I am Still Pretty Awesome


You know that time, when you walk into your gym in giddy anticipation of a complete butt whoopin’? Today was that day! I showed up and I brought it! I am so proud of myself! I knew that today was going to be a great leg day and I made it so. My glutes are on fire, my hamstrings are slowly joining them, my quads are a touch shaky, all in all, I did well!

Today I made sure to squat looooow, push hard, and not to rest until it was time to rest. I think it made all the difference. The only thing that could have been better today, is the combination of heat and humidity in the gym had me slightly panicked when I began to fatigue. 

The longer I train, the colder I like it to be around me, otherwise I can’t breath. The weather getting warmer simply means that I will be a tiered, wet cookie for the next six months. I looked like I jumped into a pool with all my clothes on after my workout today, gross (and awesome. It was a very confusing moment for me).

Tomorrow is a scheduled group workout, so I should be nice and gassed by the time I get home. Crossfit-like excersises, here I come. God help me!


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