A Battle With Fear


At one point I have talked about my problem with over thinking things , scaring myself, and then abandoning the original plan because I created an elephant out of the fly and decided that the obstacles that I am faced with are immovable.  I even put myself in front of a challenge to not over think things for a month. Let me tell you, it was very, very hard and I am not sure that I was as successful as I intended to be at the beginning.

Recently, I embarked on a journey of not only bettering my mind and body, but also on a journey of developing and growing my business. I noticed that my habit of over thinking and making my challenges seem larger than they are is actually putting me behind the curve when it comes to my professional life as well as when it comes to my athletic abilities.

The only way I know how to combat this irrational fear is to simply ignore it and push forward despite the sheer terror that I experience sometimes in the face of difficult circumstances. I wonder how things would be if I didn’t have to expand my energy on relentlessly perusing what I set out to achieve, if I didn’t find myself all but paralyzed by my insecurity so often? Is there another way to combat self doubt? A better way to stare failure in the face and not flinch? I don’t know. However, I am determined to find out one way or another. I refuse to be defeated by something that only exists in my imagination!


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  1. I like how honest you are! Fear is natural. Check out a post I wrote on fear to better understand and conquer it 🙂 http://willnegus.wordpress.com/2013/07/02/into-the-storm/

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