Peachtree Road Race: The Day Before

PRRI believe that if you are a runner and you live in Atlanta, you absolutely have to run Peachtree Road Race at least once. After all, Peachtree Road Race is considered to be the largest 10K race in the world. It spans the scenic, 6.2 miles through Atlanta and finishes at Piedmont Park. The very first Peachtree Road Race was held on July 4th 1970. It is hard to believe now, but on that day  110 participants showed up at the start line. Those 110 are now known as the “Original 110”. The popularity of the race grew through the years and Atlanta Track Club had to expand the cap for the number of participants multiple time over the years. Now the race has a cap of 60,000 participants and multiple starting waves. The registration for the race is done via electronic lottery, a practice started in 2011 due to the growing interest in the race.

This year I will be joining the crowds of runner and spectators to participate in this iconic Atlanta event. I am giddy with excitement and I can barely wait to lace up my shoes and join my brother, my friends, and other Atlanta Track Club members at the start line. I can’t wait to triumphantly tackle the “Cardiac Hill” (a long incline near Piedmont Hospital), turn onto 10th street and cross the finish line! Rain or shine, I will finish this race and I will have my celebratory beer and maybe a bagel and enjoy the 4th of July celebrations knowing that I was a part of something amazing!



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