8 Tools For Fit Kitchen Success

I find myself constantly looking for a faster, better, and easier way to eat clean while removing all the guess-work out of the equation. I have to admit, when I first started on my fitness journey, I was overwhelmed by the amount of nutrition information out there and overlooked the most important part of eating for fitness: eating clean.

I mentioned in my other posts that diet is a very individual thing. What works for you may not work for someone else. However,  what  works for EVERYONE is sticking to the concept of “everything in moderation”,  and planning for success.  Below are some of the tools I find indispensable on my own fitness journey and I hope that you will find them just as useful as I have:



This has to be one of my favorite kitchen tools. This little gadget allows you to evenly spread olive oil (or any other oil) on your salads, pans, and baking dishes without accidentally getting heavy-handed with your pour. We have all been there! Misto is also cheaper than expensive oil aerosol cans, considerably healthier, environmentally friendly, and can be used to spray any other liquid. Just make sure that there are no solids in you concoction to clog the spray nozzle and tubes.


slow cooker

I absolutely love my slow cooker. I get so tired of eating the same old roasted or grilled chicken and every once in a while I want something new, exciting, that I really don’t have to pay attention to while it cooks.  I find that a slow cooker full of protein, various spices, and sweet potatoes can go a long way to help you out with your weekday dinners and maybe even your weekday lunch. Follow my recipe for  chicken broth and you will have chicken to put in your chicken salad and an amazing broth that you can add to your other recipes. The best part is, there is no stove required and the cleanup is minimal!



In my opinion a scale is a must. I measure out and weigh all of my pre packaged dinners, lunches, and snacks. At first it was very hard to have the discipline to measure, but now it is almost second nature. A food scale will help you stay on track, especially when you are just beginning your fitness journey, it’ll allow your body to properly adapt to the amount of food you should be consuming, as well as help you track your calories better.  A scale removes the guesswork, so when your trainer asks you how many grams of protein you had yesterday, you will be able to give them a solid number.



There are times when I am just dying to have a some potato chips. Are they worth   throwing out an hour in the gym? No. So, I figured out a way to get my salty, crunchy fix with the help of this wonderful tool. I use a sweet potato, slice it into paper-thin slices to mimic potato chips, lightly spray them with olive oil, sprinkle with salt or Cajun seasoning and herbs and bake them at 400 degrees until they are crispy. I also use this helpful tool to quickly prep my salads and cut veggies for stir-fry and soups.



I love cooking with fresh herbs. They bring out flavor of various proteins and bring salads together. To me, herbs are the equivalent of kitchen duct tape — a good mix of herbs fixes everything.  However, keeping fresh herbs on hand can be a tall order. Considering that only a small quantity is required to bring big flavor to any dish, we are left with a lot of leftovers that tend to wilt and spoil quickly. Of course, if you have access to a garden, patio, or a sunny window, you can always grow your own, but what if you don’t have that luxury or just simply lack a green thumb? Well, this little invention keeps herbs fresh and ready to use for a considerably longer period of time. Although I have a garden and grow a lot of produce year round, these containers get a lot of use in my kitchen especially during the winter months. I found that, it is significantly harder to keep basil and cilantro growing on your windowsill in the winter with two curious felines who love munching on herbs.



Have you ever craved BBQ in the middle of a winter snowstorm? Have you ever sat and stared out of your window, waiting for the downpour to end just so you could go and grill your dinner? Yep, me too. Which is why the day I discovered indoor grills, I never looked back. I still prefer the flavor and the char that my protein and veggies get on the outdoor, charcoal grill, but in a pinch this is an indispensable tool.



I can’t say enough about blenders. Simply put, they are amazing!  I make smoothies, creamy soups, sauces, drinks and I love every minute of it. If you don’t have time to cook, throw some berries into the blender with some almond milk and protein powder and, viola, you have a nutritious snack! Tired of the chemicals in your salad dressing? Combine some herb infused olive oil, citrus juice,  salt and pepper and give it quick blend. You’ll never buy another bottle of dressing again. There are plenty of shake and treat recipes out there for healthy and sinfully delicious treats. My favorite one is the Pumpkin Pie Smoothie from bodybuilding.com. Check it out! You don’t have to consume food that is bad for you to get satisfy your sweet tooth if you have a blender and a little imagination!


foodstorageThese are not your mothers Tupperware containers! Previously boring food storage containers now come in easy to organize, fun, bright, and unusual designs. Usually I am very busy during the week and rarely have time to cook my food. In order to stay on track and avoid falling victim to hunger and bad food choices I spend my Sunday prepping  and portioning my weekday meals. In the long run, it saves me time, money, and I feel better knowing that I stuck to my macros during the week.

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